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Pet Grooming Massage Gloves

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Soothing Grooming Glove for Gentle Deshedding and Hair Cleaning

  • Complete Coverage: Over 250 soft rubber tips per glove
  • Dog Friendly: Gentle massage of long or short-haired pets
  • Useful: Lightweight, washable, and flexible
  • Comfortable: Breathable and Fast-Drying Mesh Lining

Easily handle your worried friend with anti-anxiety grooming gloves!

Every dog parent knows that anxiety can always appear, with stress to pets and their caregivers alike. This grooming glove relaxes your furry buddy from her worries and cleans her fur of loose hair, dirt, or other debris.

These deshedding gloves mean less hair on your furniture, clothes, or car, reducing dander and allergens to create a healthier home. You will reach their every nook and cranny with this five finger design, which fits any hand using its adjustable wrist strap.

A gentle calming stroke prevents painful skin irritation on their undercoat, leaving them shiny, softer, and more cheerful.

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