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Dog Grooming and Shaving Kit

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Looking Hairy? Groom and Style your Dog with this Cordless Shaver and Nail Clipping Kit

  • All-in-One: Kit for shaving and grooming with everything your pup needs
  • Ultra Quiet: Relaxes anxious dogs with a low vibration motor
  • Cordless and Rechargeable: Built-in battery for portable use of more than 90 minutes after 2 hours of charging
  • Safe and Secure: Comb guards and durable non-heating blades of titanium ceramic which do not cause skin allergies
  • Useful and Adjustable: Packed with 5 tuning settings, 4 hair length guards, scissors, comb, nail file, nail trimmer, razor brush, and USB charging cable
  • Easy to Clean: Detachable blade, water resistant design, brush included

Stay In Style with a Portable Electric Razor and this Grooming and Shaving Kit!

Why spend $75 every month to help your dog clean up? Save time and money with this DIY grooming kit, packed with all you need to keep them docile, fresh, and fashionable.

From your own home, perform professional shaving, grooming, and clipping at any time that works for you. Regular sessions also allows for bonding experience with your pet who comes to understand your concern and love for them.

Please note that long haired dogs, such as German shepherds, Himalayans, and Yorkies, benefit from a trim with the included scissors before using the razor to avoid clogging.

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