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About Us

We're dog lovers who realized that the love of dogs was more than a personal bond of convenience. 
People have a deep-seated desire to improve their furry friends' quality of life.
Humanity needs dogs for their playfulness, loyalty, and companionship.
This passion is also a source of vitality and healing after tragedy and loss. 
These divine creatures strengthen our spirit, build community, and express our bond with nature.
We are a family-run business. Our selection of products is modest but growing. We develop products to support the dog-centered life.
Unlike a larger store, we can spend more time vetting products and asking our customers about their individual needs and wants.
We are always ready to hear your thoughts about the wishes and complaints of new and seasoned dog owners alike.
Our efforts let us give back to help vulnerable animals and teach new dog parents the essentials of canine care.

Dog licking its nose at One Dog Town
A portion of our revenue always goes toward scientific and humanistic research on human-animal relations and the future of medicine.